A range of Practical Attachments enable our manufactured "KARAM" Horizontal Boring Machine to handle many operations which otherwise might require special fixtures or machinery. A Facing head, a Threading Attachment, A Milling Attachment and a Taper Boring/Turning Attachment permits to perform Multi-Operations on single machine. All these attachments can be mounted very repidly with great ease on the machine FACING HEAD is now STANDARD PART of the MACHINE. However, the cost of all other *special attachments is net extra as per price list.
The Facing Head mounted on the front side of Head Stock & coupled with the main spindle facilitates large dia Boring & Facing Operations. Its Facing Slide has continuous radial feed as well as RAPID TRAVERSE. The Automatic Rapid Travel Arrangement in Slide of Facing Head while not revolving the same minimizes the wastage of time in tool setting thus enhances productivity.

Vertical Milling Attachment is most suitable for deep milling operation. Milling at any angle from 0 degree to 360 degrees for Vertical Plane is possible. Deep Milling up to 24 Inches is possible with the attachment. Its Spindle has Taper of ISO 40 & a Milling Cutter of maximum 300mm dia can be used with this Milling Attachment.

Taper Boring Attachment is a unique attachment suitable for machining Taper Bore in a Job. Taper Boring up to 30 degrees can be facilitated with this Special Attachment . Maximum length of Taper in a Bore which can be done with the standard tool holder of this Taper Boring Attachment is 12 inches.Minimum 4” Dia of Taper Bore is possible with this Taper Boring Attachment..
A wide range of Whitworth and Metric Threads can be cut by Spindle Feed on our machine with the help of a Threading Attachment. 54 Nos. of following threads can be cut with the same :
27 Nos. Whitworth Threads - Ranging from 5 to 128
27 Nos. Metric Threads         -  Ranging from 0.28 to 7.5
A versatile Threading Chuck and complete set of change gears are provided with this Threading Attachment.

Micro Boring Head is most suitable for the precision machining operations to obtain pin point accuracy. Adjustment of the slide in boring to an accuracy of 0.01mm related to diameter-Automatic feed in Facing Operation-Rapid Traverse for return movement of the slide-Automatic disengagement of feed drive etc. are the main functional features of this micro boring head.

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